Francisco Badilla most important motivations as an artist are, the human figure, interior architectural spaces, and the spirituality and the psychology of the characters portrayed.

His paintings represent imagined physical and psychological interior spaces, the identity of his work represent everyday life, with no artifice ,seasoned with certain measure of hope and melancholy, one can also sense an unfulfilled longing that comes from the representation of the open window.
The work rescues a lost spirituality, and a desire of the human being to find it, in an intimate reflection.

Badilla has always been motivated by realistic painting of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, he found references in luminist painters such as: Sargent, Sorolla, Zorn; and also in contemporary disruptive realists painters like Jenny Saville and Alex Kanevsky.

He usually paints oil on canvas and he uses an expressive brushstroke without detail, preferably he works in medium formats of 1.30 x 1.00 mt. approximately and in several paintings at the same time, his process leads him to collect images and compose with digital media the scenarios he creates in his paintings and drawings.

Badilla was born in Chile, and currently lives and works in Porto, Portugal.