1992 - 1993 | Basic Art Cycle at the Catholic University of Temuco
1994 - 1997 | Average Pedagogy in Plastic Arts Degree in Education, at the Catholic University of Temuco.
1996 - 2002 | Bachelor of Arts with a minor in Painting from the Catholic University of Temuco.
            2008 | L’art de la Frontera, Universitat de Barcelona. España.
            2011 | Painting from life, Composition and Color, The Art Student League of New York, Estados Unidos.
            2018 | Painting from life – Drawing from life, The art students league of New York, New York, Estados Unidos.
2018 - 2020 | Master of fine arts, University of Porto, Portugal.

University Degree
  • Graduate of Art teacher, Catholic University, Temuco, Chile.
  • Graduate in Arts, Catholic University, Temuco, Chile.

Exposiciones Individuales

2003: “Go” Galo Sepúlveda Gallery, Temuco. Chile.
2003: “Cross = life”, Catholic University Gallery, Temuco. Chile.
2006: Exposición "Permanencia", muestra de pinturas en: Centro Cultural Municipal de Valdivia.
2006: "Permanencia", Cultural Center, Valdivia, Chile.
2009: Exhibitions, Collective Christmas 2009; Gallery areados3dos, Barcelona, Spain.
2010: Traveling Exhibition, National Painting Contest, "Brushstrokes Against Wind and Tide" Municipality of Talcahuano.
2013: “Transitory” Individual exhibition, Museum National of Train Pablo Neruda, Temuco, Chile.
2014: May “Before of memory” Colective exhibition, Badilla, Mellado, Varas, South World Gallery, Vitacura, Santiago, Chile.
2014: October “Before of memory” Colective exhibition, Francisco Badilla, Alex Mellado, Franco Varas, Square Anibal Pinto Gallery, Temuco, Chile.
2014: Exposición “Antes de la memoria” muestra colectiva, Francisco Badilla, Alex Mellado, Franco Varas, Galerií de arte, “Plaza Anibal Pinto” Temuco, Chile.
2017: “Surfaces in road” Colective exhibition of Art professors, National Rail Museum, Pablo Neruda, Temuco, Chile.
2019: Exhibition, Painting Competition, “Arte Solta” Portugal.
2019: “Sultleties” Art Gallery, “Days are” Porto, Portugal.
2019: “Presences” Art Gallery, Ap’Arte, Porto, Portugal.
2019: Exhibition painting, XXIII award, Indalecio Hernández Vallejo,Valencia de Alcantara, Spain.
2020: “One year later” Art Gallery, Ap’Arte, Porto, Portugal